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First steps and hello world with SharpSerializer you find in the tutorial on the SharpSerializer website.

Note 1: Since SharpSerializer v.2.12 all types are default serialized as AssemblyQualifiedName. If you are using any previous version and there are problems with the object deserialization, please activate at first serializing of type definitions as AssemblyQualifiedName. For more details please refer to the tutorial.

Note 2: SharpSerializer serializes only object properties. Fields are not serialized. If you like to serialize fields, they have to be wrapped in properties.

Note 3: SharpSerializer can deserialize only types with the default constructor. The following document describes how to deserialize types without default constructor.
How to serialize data effectively? Custom serialization of Bitmap, Cursor, Icon, Font and other objects without default constructor with SharpSerializer

Note 4: There are some Security Considerations regarding deserializing data.

Content of the CodePlex documentation depends mostly on you. If there are problems using SharpSerializer, search the Discussion for a solution or ask there a question. In Issue Tracker you can report a bug or propose additional functionality.

There are other sites concerning SharpSerializer:

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